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Carpe Vinum -"Seize the Wine"

Carpe Vinum - “Seize the Wine”, founded in 2012, is based in Jamaica Plain, MA.

We import and distribute eclectic Italian wines for passionate wine conoscenti.


Our cofounder and owner Migen Hasanaj has an extensive experience pairing food with Italian wines having worked for many years in the restaurant business in Florence, Italy.

Our wines are hand-picked and carefully selected from hundreds of wines we taste every year. We’re passionate about bringing our customers true wines - from wines made with organic grapes, to certified organic, naturally organic, and estate bottled.


We don’t compromise on the quality of our wines.

We travel to find unique wines from every region in Italy, wines that are not already or are underrepresented in the US. We create special bonds with small producers to bring only true and affordable wines. Our wines are not in every store or restaurant but they have won some of the most prestigious awards around the world.


Life is too short not to drink true wines…Thus come and taste our wines and enjoy la dolce vita!

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